Antique Lamp Shades for Floor Lamps

Jul 14th

Any antique lamp shades? I personally liked the general definition that states that it is the light that is from a bygone era. This puts the term outside the legal arena and into subjective personal use which is where we used to wear term. “Era” is commonly perceived and defined as the period of time that is not certain that long ago that also works perfectly for this general definition.


Determining the lamp life involves many factors. Many times antique lamp shades this alone will immediately put its origin in a specific time frame for the famous style of a certain time period. Sometimes the components are marked with the date, letters, numbers, graphics or other signs that puts its origin in a certain time period. In the context of certain manufacturers are known for a certain period of time. Catalog of old photographs, newspaper and magazine ads old, photo lighting museums and various books and publications are reliable sources from which to compare the style to confirm the date of origin and manufacturer.

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However, some of these publications have availability antique lamp shades is limited and often quite expensive. There are many auctions that have listings for antique lamps but often they are either very limited description or unknown and sometimes decorated. It is not uncommon to find a lot of this auction listings completely erroneous and misleading, especially in terms of linking an antique lamp is characterized by certain manufacturers are very collectible. These places are generally not a reliable source for authentication or identifying antique lamps.